Orange essential oil 

Gives an amazing feeling of coolness while helping good gum health thanks to its rich content of vitamin C, which can prevent or slow down the progression of gingivitis.

Orange essential oil is produced by cold pressing the peel and has a strong fruity and sweet aroma. It belongs to the high notes of aromatherapy with great volatility. It is used in aromatherapy in cases of anxiety, depression, nervousness, insomnia and conditions related to the functioning of the nervous system.

The most important active ingredients in orange essential oil are limonene (which is about 85-96 percent of the extract) and myrdene (0.5-3 percent). Limonene is considered a particularly powerful antioxidant that fights damage and inflammation of free radicals that can lead to various diseases. Nevertheless, orange essential oil, like other citrus fruits, does not contain large amounts of eugenol, carvacrol and eugenol, ingredients with rich antioxidant activity making it more vulnerable to oxidation in a shorter period of time. Therefore it should be stored in a cool, shady place and in tightly closed containers. Its lively and sweet aroma stimulates the body, removing tension.