Shea Butter

Effectively moisturizes the whole body. Due to the content of vitamin E, shea butter is excellent in treating or eliminating stretch marks. Enhances skin elasticity.

Shea butter is a by-product of the fruit of the tree found in West Africa and is known as the "shea tree" (meaning "tree of life") due to its many healing properties. It is produced through a laborious process of harvesting, washing and preparing the fruits from which the butter is extracted. A unique product rich in natural keratin, vitamins A, E, and F, essential fatty acids and amino acids. These ingredients moisturize and protect the hair fiber from damage. Vitamin F moisturizes the hair, enhances its density, gives shine and protects against breakage. Its high content of fatty acids helps to enhance the moisture of the hair. At the same time, its anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce irritation to the scalp. It does not block resources.