Vanilla essential oil

Neutralizes free radicals. It has a strong anti-aging effect. Its sweet aroma improves mood, causes euphoria and relieves stress.

Vanilla leaves a sweet and warm scent on the body. In addition to its seductive fragrance, it offers a variety of beneficial ingredients for the skin and health. Its action as an antidote to many diseases has been known since the 17th century. Vanilla essential oil contains 200 chemical compounds that result in its strong antioxidant activity. The polyphenols contained in vanilla have a high antioxidant activity as a shield of the body for skin diseases. Vanilla essential oil has antioxidant properties that neutralize these free radicals and fight oxidative damage to blood vessels. Soothes irritated skin, protects against environmental pollutants and toxins. It also has aphrodisiac properties as it helps to stimulate low levels of testosterone or estrogen, hormones that are the main cause of impotence, coldness and loss of libido. Vanilla essential oil promotes calm and fights depression, anxiety and stress thanks to vanillin, a phenolic compound that exhibits antidepressant activity comparable to fluoxetine (anti-depressant drug).