5 reasons why you should choose organic and natural products

You take a walk through a meadow filled with flowers, the sun gently warming your skin, and you instantly feel happier, calmer, and at peace. We know instinctively that nature is good for us, so following an organic, natural lifestyle seems an obvious choice. But here at Bioaroama Crete, being organic isn’t so much a lifestyle choice as a way of life; we see it as a return to a way of life that has existed for centuries, one that draws on the ancient wisdom of respecting the land and the power of the natural resources around us. And by harnessing this power, we know that going organic isn’t just better for the environment, it’s good for you and your skin too. 


So, here’s our top five reasons why you should switch up the contents of your shopping cart and buy organic today. 


#1. Because you and your skin deserve the best care 

Never before has it been so clear that health is wealth. As a result, many of us have committed to living a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle and are enjoying the benefits of making the switch to using products inspired by nature. But why is this a step in the right direction? 


At Bioaroma, we develop our products from 100% natural ingredients and 100% organic-certified raw materials. We take the very best of the natural wonders found on our doorstep – botanical treasures often unique to Crete that either grow in the wild or on our beautiful organic farm – and carefully extract and distil their aromatic and therapeutic goodness.


The result is an array of clean, natural and organic products packed with highly active botanicals and plant extracts, rich in vitamins and minerals, that deliver a wealth of benefits to your skin, body and soul. In fact, compared to products containing conventionally grown ingredients, we know our organic food products have higher levels of vitamin C and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and chromium, and higher levels of health-promoting antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. But choosing clean and natural isn’t just about the nutrients inside a product; it’s also about what’s left out. 


Certified organic products like ours are free from preservatives and chemicals that can potentially irritate the skin or cause long-term harm to your health. That’s why every product we create is 100% free from artificial fragrances and colourants, parabens, preservatives, sulphates and synthetic chemicals; great news for you, but especially good for pregnant women keen to limit their exposure to chemical agents and for anyone who suffers from allergies. 


#2. Because the planet needs protecting

We’re in the midst of a climate crisis and are becoming all too aware of the environmental impact our daily lives have on our planet. So, by choosing organic, you are also making an eco-conscious choice that is better for the environment. How? It all comes down to the ingredients and how they’re sourced. 


Organic farming methods, such as those used on our farm here at Bioaroma, respect the delicate balance of the natural world. By encouraging wildlife biodiversity to act as a natural pest control, organic agriculture methods shun herbicides, insecticides, fungicides or chemical fertilisers, avoiding the release of harmful chemicals into the environment and, as a result, improving soil quality. 


As a company, we’ve also invested in sustainable practices – whether that’s through our innovative eco-friendly and recyclable packaging solutions or minimising our carbon footprint – to ensure the wellbeing of our planet is at the heart of everything we do. Because when you take care of the land, it takes care of you.


#3. Because production processes are strictly controlled

When the health of the environment is at stake, you want to know that the production processes used to create the products you consume and use don’t contribute to the problem. 


That’s why you must look out for a recognised standards and organic certification displayed on any product that claims to be organic – it demonstrates a company’s commitment to the quality and strict criteria demanded by the certification body. 


Here at Bioaroma, we’re proud that our production processes are controlled by guidelines set out in the ISO 9001 and ISO 22716 standards and that our products carry COSMOS Organic certification, the global accredited certification body for organic products. When we say our products are natural, we really mean it. 


#4. Because products are cruelty-free and animal friendly

Organic and natural products are, of course, cruelty-free (at Bioaroma prefer to test our products on ourselves, not animals, and all our products are vegan). But the commitment to animal welfare extends much further than that. 


The very nature of organic agriculture means applying sustainable practices wherever possible. So, in an environment free from intensive farming methods and pesticides, we’re able to create a biodiverse habitat that’s perfect for wildlife. It becomes a pollen-rich land for bees and a sanctuary for insects – the ultimate animal-friendly paradise. 


#5. Because it’s better for everyone 

A commitment to buying organic is a commitment to building better communities. That’s because many companies active in organic agriculture aren’t just interested in profit, they put people and the planet first. For us, it’s about giving back; it’s about prioritising the employment of a local workforce and using initiatives such as our tours, workshops and education programme to inspire people to care as much as their community and planet as we do. It’s also about preserving Cretan traditions and culture for many generations to come. 


That’s the power of going organic. 


At Bioaroma, we’ve made it incredibly easy to live life naturally. Discover our incredible range of products here.