• Aloe: Contains vitamins and minerals. Moisturizes deeply. Gives the skin a general effect of toning, radiance and softness. Aloe Vera is a plant with therapeutic properties. Vera, the second component of the name of the species, means "genuine or true." Aloe Vera is cultivated all over the world due to the importance of its healing properties and needs minimal care. Among the nutrients of aloe are vitamins A, C and E. It has excellent healing properties for the skin and tissues. Soothes sunburn, regenerates and deeply moisturizes the skin. A fungus called "Arbascular Mycorrhiza" (tree mycorrhiza) grows on the surface of the plant. This fungus enters the plant and helps increase the extraction of potassium and other useful elements from the soil. Because of this fact the plant has so much therapeutic value.

  • Aloe butter: Helps the skin retain its moisture and gives the hair an overall effect of toning, shine and softness.