Red clay

Red clay increases blood flow and detoxifies. In addition it regenerates cells.

Red clay is an abundant material in nature. What many people do not know is that red clay is also a very effective natural remedy with many and varied applications for health and beauty.

The composition of red clay is very similar to that of green, but it has a higher content of iron oxides and hydroxides, which give it this peculiar reddish hue. Red clay stimulates blood circulation. Increasing blood flow provides more oxygen to the skin, helping to increase the skin's nourishment and radiance. It also has astringent properties and is a powerful drug for promoting and stimulating the healing and neutralization of toxins. Highly recommended for sensitive skin, as its application does not create dryness. Red clay helps cleanse the skin and promotes cell regeneration. It is also suitable for mature skin, because it improves elasticity and enhances collagen production.

In general, it enhances the vitality of the deeper layers of the skin.Incorporate in your weekly facial treatment the moisturizing face mask and help protect your skin from environmental damage and the signs of aging.