Create your own natural cosmetics

Experience the magic, participating in a unique workshop ...

Firstly you will experience a facial analysis in our special transdermal skin consultation system which helps you to achieve your skincare goals by analyzing your skin and guiding you with your skincare and the raw materials of your facial cream selections.

Then you will have an amazing sensory experience with some of the world’s most exquisite natural cosmetics ingredients like rare essential oils, extracts, base oils, tinctures, hydrosols etc. Finally, in our special laboratory, you will blend the ingredients you have chosen to create a tailor-made miraculous facial cream, which will cover totally your needs.

Upon completion of the workshop, you will have the opportunity to take home the face cream you have created, sample more creams & fragrances and make purchases in our on-site shop of our 100% organic and natural beauty products.


Natural cosmetics workshop typically last 120 minutes.

  • Workshop cost is:
    40 Euro per person if 1-5 attendees
    30 Euro per person if 6-10 attendees
    25 Euro per person if 11 and more attendees
    20 Euro per child

*Tours are handicapped accessible.