Organic Mandarin Essential Oil

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It has antiseptic and anti-wrinkle action, while it also helps balance the oiliness of the skin. At the same time, it shows a special firming action against stretch marks. Ideal 

Organic: 100%

Aroma: fresh, intense, sweet

Texture: slightly oily

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natural content

Eco friendly


Inspired by
Minoan recipes



essential oils



Water free

Why it's good for you

Plant Identity

Plant Identity

Extraction Method

Extraction Method



How to

Total uses: 12

Anti-Aging & ShineOily Skin Toning & Acne CleansingMuscle aches- Anti-InflammatoryClarity Of ThoughtRoom FragranceInternal UseStretch Marks - Skin FirmnessStress - InsomniaRelaxing MassageRelaxing Baby MassageCooking / BakingAntiseptic Protection In The House

a. Face: Add 3 drops in your day/night cream to enhance glow and restores skin elasticity (Not phototoxic.)

b. Body: Add 7 drops in your body cream to enhances the radiance of the skin and restore its elasticity.

Massage face with 1-2 drops essential oil diluted in in 15ml Jojoba oil after cleansing the skin.

Add 15 drops in 100ml Almond oil and massage sore muscles.

Add 7 drops in the essential oils diffuser.

Add 7 drops in the essential oils diffuser.

Mix 1 drop in 120ml of liquid (water, tea) or in a tablespoon of olive oil. Naturally cleanses the body of toxins and helps digestion.

Mix 15 drops in 250ml of body cream.

Add 5-10 drops in the essential oils diffuser. Tangerine has calming and invigorating properties to eliminate stress and depression.

Dilute10 drops in 100ml base oil. Apply to body before bed. Helps eliminate stress and tension for a restful sleep.

Dilute 5-7 drops in 100ml base oil. Apply all over the body and around the baby's navel before bed. Helps in relaxation and a restful sleep.

Add 5-10 drops in your cooking oil or in your cake mixture.

a. Floor:
Add 15 drops in a bucket of water.

b. Surfaces: Apply 5 drops in a damp cloth and use it on surfaces to combat the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, bacteria and fungi.

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