Aromatherapy Mask for Kids
Aromatherapy Mask for Kids
Aromatherapy Mask for Kids
Aromatherapy Mask for Kids
Aromatherapy Mask for Kids

Aromatherapy Mask for Kids

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Face aromatherapy mask for kids. Face cloth masks with 3 layers of protection against bacteria. 2 carbon filters & a fabric case are included

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Face masks on another level. Handmade elegant, cotton aromatherapy mask to strengthen the immune system, a sense of well-being and relaxation.

In the set are included, 2 carbon filters and a fabric case.

Handmade aromatherapy mask, 100% cotton, elegant and reusable. Provides protection against bacteria, dust, pollen as well as liquid particles with a case for placing an activated carbon filter for extra protection.

It is environmentally friendly, comfortable and functional to use. It has a high filtration capacity thanks to the three layers of certified fabrics of which it is composed. It is easy to wash and does not wrinkle when washed. It has a high quality adjustable rubber and integrated flexible sealing plate for a perfect fit on the back of the nose. It offers excellent breathability, is hypoallergenic and friendly to the face while giving comfort to the user.

Combines with aromatherapy kits that contain unique compositions of pure and biologically certified essential oils.

Take the mask off the cloth bag.
Shake the bottle of the aromatherapy spray directly on the outside of the mask or on the carbon filter. Start by spraying once or twice and adjust the intensity of the perfume to your own preferences.
Slide the carbon filter into the built
Wear the mask by adjusting the rubber bands behind the ears as tightly as you wish. Press the built
Tip Allow a few seconds for the mask or filter cloth to soak in the perfume before putting on your mask. Repeat as often as needed. Do not leave aromatherapy sprays exposed to high temperatures as there is a possibility of evaporation.

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