PERSEPHONE'S PATH TO SPRING a cacao infused full body treatment

PERSEPHONE'S PATH TO SPRING a cacao infused full body treatment

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Embark on "Persephone's Path to Spring," a transformative treatment inspired by the goddess of spring. From the indulgence of chocolate to uplifting herbal scents, experience a full body warm chocolate massage and a rich herbal body mask. Rejuvenate your senses and uplift your spirit on this nourishing journey.

Refund available with 48-hour notice prior to your scheduled appointment.

Rescheduling is allowed up to 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.

  • Exclusively offered at the House of Bioaroma Crete in Agios Nikolaos, Crete.

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A rejuvenating journey inspired by the goddess of spring herself. This luxurious treatment celebrates the transformation from darkness to light, mirroring Persephone's mythic journey. Indulgent Chocolate Bliss: Experience the sumptuousness of chocolate as it lavishes your entire body. Our treatment begins with a thorough full-body exfoliation, gently buffing away dead skin cells and revealing the silky smoothness beneath. Warm Chocolate Massage: Following a refreshing shower to rinse off the exfoliating scrub, you'll be treated to a full-body massage using warm, melted chocolate. This not only hydrates and nourishes your skin but also provides a decadently indulgent sensation that's both soothing and rejuvenating. Rich Chocolate Body Mask: As you unwind, a luscious chocolate body mask, infused with the essence of Persephone's connection to nature's bounty, is applied to your body. While you relax, this mask works its magic, leaving your skin supple and deeply nourished. Mood-Boosting Experience: Chocolate is known to release endorphins in the brain, providing a delightful mood-boosting effect. So, along with silky skin, you'll leave with a spirit that's uplifted and refreshed. PRODUCTS: Organic Sugar Cacao Scrub Persephone's Chocolate Mask Organic Cacao-Infused Body Butter "Persephone's Path to Spring" is not just a spa treatment; it's a transformative experience that connects you with the goddess of renewal herself. Enjoy the sumptuousness of chocolate and the rejuvenation of spring with this exclusive offering at Artion Spa.

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