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Introducing "Sage of Athena," a rejuvenating treatment for legs and abdomen that combines deep tissue and lymphatic techniques. This powerful treatment aims to combat cellulite using Cretan sage essential oil, known for its anti-cellulite properties. Experience the revival of both body and soul with Sage of Athena.

Refund available with 48-hour notice prior to your scheduled appointment.

Rescheduling is allowed up to 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.

  • Exclusively offered at the House of Bioaroma Crete in Agios Nikolaos, Crete.

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In the spirit of the revered Greek goddess Athena, celebrated for her wisdom, courage, and inspiration, we introduce the "Sage of Athena Sculpting Treatment." This extraordinary fusion of Athena's strength and the sacred herb sage, symbolizing wisdom and longevity in Greek mythology, creates a powerful synergy designed to sculpt and tone your body while invoking the goddess's wisdom and fortitude to help you achieve your best self. Embrace the Wisdom of Athena: Soma Slimming Oil: Formulated with the potent essence of Dittany, Sage essential oil, and Lemongrass essential oil, this oil is your ally in the battle against cellulite. It targets stubborn cellulite, leaving your skin looking smoother and more youthful. Soma Stretchy Cream: Luxuriously hydrating and nourishing, this cream complements the slimming oil's efforts by moisturizing deeply and promoting smoother skin, giving you a rejuvenated feeling. Detoxify Oil: Harness the wisdom of Athena with this oil that aids in detoxifying your skin, leaving it refreshed and purified. Theangelis Firming Ice Cubes for Cellulite: These specialized ice cubes are meticulously crafted to address cellulite concerns. They work to tighten and firm your skin, enhancing your body's natural contours. Note: The Sage of Athena Sculpting Treatment focuses on specific areas, including the legs, back, front, and abdomen. Embark on this transformative journey and rediscover the wisdom of age-old beauty secrets, leaving you rejuvenated and refreshed with smoother, firmer-looking skin.

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