SŌMA Natural Deodorant Stick

Natural Deodorant Stick

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It protects up to 24 hours from the stench. It does not close the pores & does not prevent natural sweating. It offers invisible 24-hour deodorant action by maintaining the 

Key ingredients: crystal stone, lavender essential oil  Ingredients

Aroma: botanical, earthy, fresh, green

Texture: compact, smooth

Suitable for: for all skin types

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essential oils


Why it's good for you

Crystal stone

Crystal stone

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

How to


Run the stone under water and then apply it to clean underarms. Make sure you don’t use too much water. If you’re using a stone that’s attached to a plastic applicator, make sure the water doesn’t go into the base. You can store the stone upside down after use to prevent this from happening. You can rub it up and down or use a circular motion. Continue adding water to the stone and applying it until you feel you’ve covered your entire underarm. It should feel smooth as you’re applying it. Be careful if your stone is cracked or has any rough edges that might cut or irritate your underarms. Continue to rub until the underarm is dry.


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